Frank James Hospital, Isle Of Wight

Frank James Hospital, IOW

Empty since 2002

Lovely cottage hospital in excellent location. Originally gifted to the people of East Cowes and housed retired seamen.

Built in 1903 in the Dutch Style as a memorial to Frank James who did much travelling to Africa in his yacht and was killed by an elephant in 1890. The wind vane on top of the hospital is a model of James’ yacht.

Sold by the NHS Trust in 2002, the site has a group of individual owners who apparently bought into it as an investment scheme. A street of ‘enabling development’ was permitted but did not lead to a solution for the building, which is currently on the UK Buildings at Risk register. The Friends, formed in March 2012, have been holding monthly clean-ups, guerrilla gardening and protecting the building. Officers had been wrongly advising that it is impossible to take enforcement action when a new planning application has been submitted.