South Parade Pier

South Parade Pier, Portsmouth

Closed in 2012

A classic tale of disreputable private owners and council inaction, as well as the difficulty for communities when ‘new owners’ appear on the scene.

Opened in 1879, the pier has played a key role in local history. Local people watched Titanic sail past in 1912 and in 1944 troops embarked for the D-Day landings. The pier has hosted both political and musical idols. Owned since 2010 by people with criminal convictions for horse theft and assault and associated with the Lapland New Forest Christmas funfair scam, the operating companies have been kept separate from the asset ownership.

South Parade Trust has a petition of over 12,500 people who want the council to issue a Repairs Notice laying down the expectations for any owner to undertake repairs for the long-term preservation of the pier.