Holywell Inn Halifax

Holywell Inn, Halifax

Closed Dec 31st 2011

A traditional local Yorkshire pub that went the same way as many others.

The Holywell Inn stands proudly at the top of a steep hill in this traditional Pennine village. Since 1822 it has been the social & geographic centre of the village – and was a buoyant thriving business. The decline began when Whitbread sold it to a major pub company. There was little or no investment and subsequently the pub fell into the ownership of a property developer.

The owner wants to convert the building into six flats but the community feel they will lose their only interaction centre if this is allowed to happen. The community vision is much more than a pub. They see this to be the social hub of the village – but in a unique way. All profits from the commercial venture will fund community services and facilities the village desperately needs.